About Me

IMG_2765I am currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the David Geffen School of Medicine and the Department of Philosophy at UCLA.

My interests lie at the intersection of ethics, communication, and medicine. I have formal philosophical training in theoretical ethics, the nature of language and communication, and philosophy of mind. My current work in the medical school involves researching, teaching, and designing curricular materials concerning the nature of the physician-patient and researcher-participant relationship, informed consent, power and vulnerability in medicine, and the ethics of working with vulnerable populations. Recently, I have co-taught the bioethics selective for first and second year medical students, a monthly case-based discussion course that introduces medical students to concepts and dilemmas in medical ethics. I also lead faculty development sessions on language, power, and race in medicine, and developing educational tools for teaching and practicing evidence based ethical medicine.

Additionally, in collaboration with Dr. Pouratian in the Neurosurgery department, I am currently working on understanding the ethical complexities of altruism in consent to invasive non-therapeutic clinical trials.

My work in the Department of Philosophy involves paternalism, nudging in research and treatment, concepts of health and disease, and informed consent. My current interests include understanding the ways in which our communication practices can exploit patient vulnerabilities, contribute to the therapeutic misconception, diminish autonomy, and compromise the informed consent process. I have also developed and currently teach a two-course series in medical ethics, in which students explore ethical concepts in neuroscience, psychiatry, decision-making, well-being, and human subject experimentation. Through my continued work in both the Philosophy Department and the School of Medicine, I am committed to finding interdisciplinary solutions to perennial and emerging ethical issues in medicine, technology, and healthcare.


email: afeinsinger@mednet.ucla.edu